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Behind the Scenes


Behind the Scene - Rooftop Photoshoot for Career Women Outfits


At our photoshoots, A LOT has to happen behind the scenes to get that one perfect or close to perfect (nothing is perfect) picture of our clothing on a model.  Planning, coordination, and collaboration has to happen between all parties involved.  For us, on this particular shoot, parties involved are the photographer, hair/make-up artist, model, creative director, stylist, and producer/designer.  This entire team fusses over how each scene with the model will be shot before a single photograph is taken.  When the scene is finally set, MANY photographs are taken.  Many photographs can be 30+ pictures and only 1 of those pictures are chosen to be the final shot, sometimes 2 pictures are chosen, but usually 1. 


This particular photoshoot took place in Downtown Los Angeles on a VERY hot sunny day.  Although the day was a bit miserably hot, with a fantastic collaborative team, we were all able to laugh and enjoy the day together.  ~ Good times ~


   Professional Women Dressing Photoshoot - Los Angeles, California


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