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Our Soft Luxe Knit Fabric



In this video you'll learn of the type of quality luxury fabric we love to use to make the majority of our clothing designs.  We reviewed and sourced through tons of different fabrics and fell in love with this gem of a fabric.  It has a SUPER soft hand feel and is a durable knit fabric with fantastic structure AND stretch.  The fabric is made up of quality fibers of a rayon blend WITHOUT polyester.  No polyester!  Rayon fabric is much much more breathable then a polyester fabric.  The vast majority of women’s work clothing is made up of polyester, so we love to seek out fabrics without polyester as much as possible for better breathability.  A working woman needs clothing that is breathable especially during situations that may become a bit heated.  You don’t want to show you’re sweating too much during those times ~ Or that you might be a bit hot and bothered!     
With this fabric combined with our designs, you will instantly feel confident and put together.  We believe in creating investment clothing at reasonable prices for the professional woman.  We understand professional woman invest a lot of time and effort in themselves, inside and out.  Knowing that, we too, put a lot of time and effort in developing the best investment clothing for woman who invest in themselves. 
Our designs are classically tailored and can be worn many times, season after season, year after year.  We hope you love our designs as much as we do!!


BTW - bonus, this fabric is made in the U.S.A.!

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