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Favorite Office Supplies

Pen and Notebook office supplies perfect for office and client meetings


I love my iPad, laptop, and iphone, but sometimes I still need my trusty pen and notebook to take to meetings or just to take notes.  I want to share my current obsession of the pen and notebook I love to use and why!     


Office Pen for busy working women
I tend to be a bit particular when it comes to my writing tool and will express my passion for one over another.  I’m the kind of person who may have different types of pens but will seek out that ONE pen I love to use more than any other.  Even if there is a pen in front of me that is not the ONE pen I love to use, I will continue to look for the ONE pen.  Obviously if I can’t find my beloved pen in a timely manner, I will begrudgingly use the pen in front of me. 
I’ve recently discovered the erasable pen!  I love erasable pens.  Previously I used to ALWAYS prefer to use a pencil in the office while my colleagues used a pen.  I preferred a pencil because I could erase mistakes or make changes and my notes would look organized and clean.  The only time I would use a pen was if my signature was needed on a document. 
There are many erasable pen options, but I’ve only tried the Pilot, Frixion Ball Pen and I LOVE it.  I love it mostly because it reminds me of using a pencil as the black ink of this pen writes as though it is a really dark grey led pencil.  And the the black ink doesn’t smudge or dust over pages, onto my fingers, and onto my work clothes like led pencils.  Plus, I love that it erases and doesn’t leave those pesky eraser crumbs.  ~  In my opinion, it’s a FANTASTIC pen.  See how it works here.

Working professional women notebook for office, boardroom, and client meetings
I searched, used, and tested many notebooks for work and found a fantastic one in the Poppin brand Medium Soft Cover Notebook.  It is a really nice looking notebook as it comes in different colors, perfect for corporate to creative professionals.  The cover feels like a soft leather, but it’s not leather nor is it faux leather as it doesn’t have that faux leather smell.  I’m not sure what the cover is made of.
The paper sheets are white which I prefer and not a cream, ivory, or off white color.  The sheets are well printed with a space at the top to write the date and subject.  There is a small column at the left and/or right side of each page.  I find the columns very convenient as I use them as check boxes for when I write lists of things to do. 
There is a pocket in the back of the notebook which is a convenient option to store small receipts, business cards, or other things.  Best of all the notebook is pretty inexpensive at under $10.  The only thing I’m not too crazy about is the orange ribbon attached to the notebook that is used as a place holder.  Overall it’s a nice looking useful notebook.  It is stylish yet functional, the perfect combination.
Click here for metallic colors and other colors
Inside notebook to write notes, lists, to do lists for office and client meetings
By, TL 7.24.17

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