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Welcome to KLARETY Loves Life!
As a young girl growing up in a single‐parent household without a lot of extra money to spend on the latest designer craze, I learned to design my own, custom fit dresses. I proudly wore them to school dances and for special occasions (resulting in many compliments!).
While I knew I loved fashion and had an eye for fit, I chose a stable career path (with the idea of starting a clothing line always in the back of my mind). After putting myself through college, I worked in the corporate finance industry for several years, until I just couldn’t stand it any longer! Plus I always had a difficult time finding attractive work clothes I truly felt confident in wearing to client meetings. So, I made my way into the apparel industry, working from the ground floor to eventually heading up the websites of clothing companies like St. John Knits and J Brand.
However, in between those two gigs my life changed. A lot. I was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) and rushed to treatment with the amazing team at City of Hope National Medical Center. The treatment called for a life saving bone marrow transplant for the best results to be cured. Did you know there are not a lot of people willing to donate their bone marrow, even if it is within the family? And, there is only a 25% chance a match is found within a sibling. Luckily, my brother was a bone marrow match. Yup, I was super lucky and continue to be ‐ soon I’ll celebrate eight years completely cancer‐free!
After that whole experience there simply wasn’t time to sit on my laurels any longer. While I always dreamed of developing my own line, it was not until this experience that brought the desire into clarity and KLARETY was born. I got right to work and created KLARETY, a line of contemporary, extremely wearable luxury basics for work. I design basics to be worn by women who are anything but!
I wouldn’t be able to live out my lifelong dream if it weren’t for the amazing doctors, nurses, employees, and volunteers at the City of Hope Medical Center and a loving bone marrow donation from my brother. The KLARETY Loves Life mission is to empower all of us and help others to fully live our lives no matter the circumstances.
Are you familiar with the Thoreau quote, "Wealth is the ability to fully experience life,”?. Well since my diagnosis that has been my guiding mantra, and something I wish for myself, you, and others!
Aside from wanting to live out my lifelong dream, one of the reasons I wanted to start a company was to be able to give back to City of Hope to help others live their full life. A portion of all KLARETY sales are donated to City of Hope. Nevertheless, it’s not just about charity. It’s also about bringing attention to the bone marrow donor registry and other forms of cancer support. By providing awareness we can help many more people live their lives, their families’ lives, and their friends’ lives to the fullest.
Thank you for your interest in KLARETY Loves Life! We hope you will join us in our mission.
With love for life,

KLARETY Founder & Designer


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